National Training

National Training Image

These are held at:

National Training ImageBushfields Sports Centre
Orton Centre
Tel: 01733 864656

Registration Forms
Please be aware that player’s will not be allowed to start National Training without having completed a Registration Form.
This must be brought along on the day or completed and posted back to the address on the form.

All the details about National training can be viewed here

National Training Schedule & Players

National Training Clothing

When attending National Training, all players must wear:

  • A White England Roller Hockey National Training T-shirt
  • White Socks
  • Navy Blue Shorts

National Training Clothing
From September 2014 you will be required to wear NRHA logo navy shorts which can be purchased on the day at a cost of £10. White socks should also be worn which can also be purchased on the day at a cost of £7 for Senior and £6.50 for Infantil. Please ensure that socks with a club logo are worn.


Please note that due to Bushfields Sports Centre increasing their prices, I too have had to make increases.

For the last 3 years the Sports Centre costs have been increased, however I have managed not to pass these increases on.

Unfortunately this time I will need to increase my fees to ensure I cover my costs
 New fees from May 2013:

  • £13 per player for first session attended
  • £9 per extra session attended
  • £9 per sibling

The Thoughts Behind National Training

Over the past few months I have been working on reorganising my training structure for young players within the National Roller Hockey Association’s national training weekends.

Whilst in a perfect world a player should be placed in their own age groups from as young an age as possible, we have to work with many constraints (i.e. numbers, financial costs, rink availability, distance etc.) within English Roller Hockey.

Having given this matter much thought I feel that I have settled on a format that will not only serve the needs of today’s players but players for years to come.

To ensure the steady and continuous development of potential National players within roller hockey it is essential that we have a robust system for identifying and monitoring players’ skill levels at all times.

Format for National Training

Training is now run on a levels system instead of the previous projects training

The 5 Level system I have introduced is a fluid one which means that players can be added or removed from a level at any time. This ensures that players recognise the need to make progress to maintain their position within a Level and so encourages a competitive training environment. This is particularly crucial with young players as a
season is a long time and some may significantly improve and emerge.

Non Attendance

If you are unable to attend National Training it is important that you notify me on 07957595565 or my email.
If you need to contact me on the day, please call Marisa on 07881656703.

Where players have been absent from National Training weekends for three months or more in a row, they will be removed from the list and must contact me before attending again.

This flexibility is also useful in case of injury/illness or where it is felt necessary to deselect a player by placing them in a lower Level until they can regularly demonstrate they meet the criteria of a higher one.

It may also be necessary to deselect a player to a lower Level after a period of absence from National training.
I will be assessing all players during each National training session and will keep a record of their development so their progress can be monitored on a regular basis.

Please do not worry if your child moves up or down a Level. This is done to ensure they are being offered the most appropriate training for them as individuals at their current stage of development. If you would like to talk to me about your child’s progress I will be only too pleased to do so.

Ultimately, my aim is to ensure that your child is provided with the appropriate level of training in order that they can reach their full potential. In the last 2 years we have had some great results in the International arena and I am committed to building on this success even further.

Level 1

Teaching the basics

Basic Skating
Turns, Cross Legs, Sprint, Power Leg

Individual Technique
Ball Control, Pass and Shots

How to play the game

This level is for teaching basic skating and roller hockey. We will be teaching the basics of skating and how to play roller hockey. Once a player is confident on skates and has an understanding of the game he/she will move to level 2.

Level 2

Developing the basics

Basic Skating

Turns, Cross Legs, Sprint, Power Leg

Individual Technique
Ball Control, Pass and Shots

How to play the game

Reaction Capacity

This level will concentrate on developing the basics taught in level 1 and the introduction of reaction capacity. Players will be taught the importance of position on the rink on and off the ball.

Level 3

Introducing Tactics

Introduce Team Play
Basic Skating
Position on the rink
Defense and Attack
Show Man to Man
Set up moves
Reaction Capacity
Basic Carousel
Fitness & Health
Sports Mentality

In this level we will be introducing the tactics and set up moves used in the England system and explaining how and when they are used. We will also start talking to the players about Fitness and Health and the importance of having a sports mentality. Once players have an understanding of the above they will move to level 4.

Level 4

Developing Tactics

Restrict Man to Man
Set Up Moves
Reaction Capacity
Warm up off rink
Sports Mentality

In this level we will be concentrating more on the tactical side, set up moves, reaction capacity and making the players more robust in play. In this level we also develop the competencies learnt in level 3. We are preparing players mentally to build their confidence, as well as their thought process on the rink. This will include reading the game on and off the ball, understanding their position on the rink and working hard on fitness.
Some players in this level are eligible to attend open session for under 17’s on Sunday, however attending this session as well will give them the opportunity to develop in areas that they need to improve more.

Level 5

Focus on Tactics

Tactics (Defence and Attack)
Set up Moves
Reaction Capacity
Sports Mentality

The players in this level will be focusing on the above competencies. They know the tactics, can play any format, understand where to play on and off the ball and know the set up moves. Most of the teaching in this level is to keep improving their confidence and sports mentality individually and as a team.

Some players in this level are eligible to attend open session for under 17’s on Sunday, however attending this session as well, will give them the opportunity to develop in areas that they need to improve more.

The National Development Plan has been devised in an effort to help in the improvement of the general standard of Roller Hockey in England and can be seen in full on the NRHA Web-site.