2014 Ladies Senior Team: Reduced Squad

2014 Ladies Senior Team: Reduced Squad

The CIRH have confirmed that they are organising the World Seniors Ladies Championships in Tourcoing, France from 25th October until 1st November 2014


Logo for the Ladies 2014  World Championships this year
Ladies 2014 World Championships

  • Eilidh Clague (GK)
  • Kathryn Baker (GK)
  • Kasia Parfitt (GK)
  • Laura Foreman (GK)

Outfield Players:

  • Abbie Morley
  • Emily Barrow
  • Hannah Barrow
  • Hattie Ford
  • Heather Dunand
  • Jocie Greenwood
  • Kirsty Ingham
  • Rebecca Sharpe
  • Toni Jones
  • Vicky Moffatt

The Final Squad will be announced after Summer Camp 2

 Summer Camp

All the players not registered yet must do so during June National Training, please bring the attached form filled and signed and £50 deposit. The balance will be requested to be paid during July National Training.


Preparation Plan Dates

I am intending to have a meeting this National Training with you to assess the preparation plan. The training will start 11:00 hours and I would appreciate it if you could be ready for 10:30 hours to ensure I can talk to you prior to the session starting.

I understood that we can have some problems with the 3 days preparation in August due to work commitments and it is imperative that we can have all the players available.

I will be issuing a new Preparation Plan Dates after this month National Training.