2015 u17’s: Austria v England Match Report

2015 u17  European Championships

Austria 3 – 5 England
(Half Time 1 – 1)

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Finally we won a game

As we did against Germany, we started the game with the players pressuring the player with the ball to the half way line with the other three players marking within the restricted area.

However the players showed anxiety in their efforts to win their first game and this showed in their decisions during attacking situations.

During the first half, England never gained a real control of the game and allowed Austria to score the first goal. 150909_aut-eng_18After falling behind, I called a time out and made changes to our tactics. I asked the players to be more focused and to retain ball possession, using the ball to make three or four passes prior to the attack on goal. We would also have one player in front of the goal at all the time.

A minute later we scored the goal to level the match at 1 – 1.

At half time I told the players that they had to change their attitude from the first half and that I wanted to see more lucidity in attack and more defence more with their body and stick to then create  some good counter attacks.

The players followed the instructions to the letter from what had been said in the changing room and then in the second half we could see England dominating the game and they deserved their win.

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We still feel frustrated with some of the referees decisions, as after we lead 3 – 1 there were still some decisions that we couldn’t understand.

Goal scorers:

  • Ryan Norton
  • Matt Baker
  • Calumn Hall
  • Marco Giancola
  • Darcy Quinn-Sekyi

Tonight we are playing Italy at 20:30 hours