2015 u17’s: England v Germany Match Report

2015 u17  European Championships

England 2 – 4 Germany
(Half Time 1 – 0)

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Game decided by Refereeing decisions

England changed the tactics for this game by pressuring the player with the ball to the halfway line, with the other three players marking in the restricted area.

150908_eng-ger_19All worked well with England totally dominating the first half, creating a lot of goal opportunities. Wwe should have been at least 3 – 0 up at half time.

Germany had a couple of opportunities, one of them from the penalty spot inside of the first minute, which was a sign of what would happen later.

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There is not a lot to say regarding the second half, as we have felt we had been stopped from playing to win this game by the referees decisions.

It is a shame that some refereeing decisions can decide a game and we felt this as a team well after the game had finished, with all our players in tears.

Despite this we want to make it clear that we have never questioned referees honesty, we are only referring to the referees decisions during the game.