2015 u17’s: England v Italy Match Report

2015 u17  European Championships

England 3 – 5 Italy
(Half Time 2 – 2)

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A Great Game

I am very proud of these players after a great performance against one the best teams in the competition. (Italy beat Spain 5 – 1 in their previous game).

After our first win the player’s confidence has improved and England started this game very consistent in both defence and attack.

2015 Eng v Ita u17In the first half England controlled the game very well, even with the mistake that caused us to concede the first goal. After making a couple of substitutions we managed to score two great counter attacking goals before Italy equalised before the end of the half.

At half time I told the players that Italy would pressure us full rink. We would need to put two players in their area, whilst our player with the ball in our area would need to sprint away from the pressure and pass the ball to the two players in the front to attack the goal straight away.

The second half could not have started better for us as we scored from a great attacking move. The move was followed exactly to the letter as I explained to the players at half time. We were now 3 – 2 ahead in the match.

Overall we played at the same level as Italy and we deserved to win this game, however a couple mistakes in defence cost us two goals. With the score at 4 – 3 to Italy and with less than a minute to go, the referees decision decided the game. We were attacking the Italian goal and one our player was hooked which should have been a blue card to the Italians and direct free hit for us. This would have given us a good chance to level the score at 4 – 4, but this was ignored and then they showed a Blue card to one of our players for a contact that should be only team fault.

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Again a game that we didn’t deserve to lose and the refereeing decisions had big influence on Italy’s victory.

Goal scorers:

  • Robbie Allander
  • Matt Baker
  • Ryan Norton

Today we are playing Switzerland at 18:30 hours