2015 U20’S: Andorra V England Match Report

2015 U20  World Championships2015 U20's World Championships

Andorra 7 – 4 England
(Half Time 3 – 1)

A bad first five minutes in each half

Andorra were one the strongest teams in this competition with players playing at high level as they play in a strong Cataluna League as a team.

The objective for this game was for England to play the same strategy as against Angola, however we had a very bad start conceding two goals in the first three minutes.

u20world2015andeng3331I had to call a time out to calm the players down and to correct their positioning on the rink when defending.

England started to defend more consistently and created few good counter attacks.

At half time I told the players how important it was that they score a goal in the first five minutes to put Andorra under pressure.

Again we had a bad start and it was Andorra scored a couple of goals in the first five minutes of the second half.

The English players showed passion in the last seven minutes even when 7 – 1 down. They start to gain control of the game pressuring full rink and creating many goal opportunities.

We scored three goals and hit the post four times as well as missing a direct free hit.

We felt by the end of the game that had we been focused all game then we would have had a good chance to win.

Goal Scorers:

  • Alex Mount (2)
  • Lewis Greenwood
  • Scott Neville

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