2015 U20’S: England v India Match Report

2015 U20  World Championships2015 U20's World Championships

England 17 – 3 India
(Half Time 5 – 2)


After India lost 11 – 7 against Germany, I asked the players to really concentrate in this game.

England played with good dynamics in both defence and attack against a team that used a box defence system all game.

We found it hard to create counter attacks in the first half, however in the second half we completely dominated the game allowing India very little opportunity to obtain ball possession or to even create counter attacks.

Goal Scorers:

  • Alex Mount (4)
  • Scott Neville (4)
  • Alex Jones (2)
  • Lewis Greenwood (2)
  • Luke Pickering (2)
  • Josh Branchett
  • Nicolas Pembrey

Match Podcasts

England v India
1st Half
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