2016 Seniors European Championships

2016 Seniors European Championships

Oliveira De Azemeis – Portugal

10th – 16th July 2016

For four years I have decided to not attend the Seniors Men’s European Championships due to the lack of availability of players which didn’t allow us to put together a competitive team.CERH Logo

For these Championships, we had the players who were committed to train and participate and gave me the confidence that England would be able to perform at this level.

Our preparation was not as good as I would have liked to see, as we only had the ten players together for the three days preparation in Feira prior to the competition.

Having players who were able to commit both financially as well as their availability from work & family to travel earlier to Feira made a big difference to our performance, because we were able to work on tactics as well as build the team spirit on and off the rink.

In my opinion the European Championships are the strongest competition in the world as we will always compete against strong teams, where the players come from competitive home leagues, even the Austrian team participates in the Swiss League.

Our own Premier League is getting better, however with players training once or twice a week (whilst abroad all the countries the players are training three or four times a week) means that the players need to train outside of roller hockey to achieve levels of fitness and sharpness to compete at the Europeans.

Another problem we have is that in the other European countries they play every weekend, whereas we play twice a month, therefore we are missing the competitiveness week by week.

I understand the reasons why we are doing this way, however it does highlight one of the problems.

Saying all this, I am pleased with our team performance in playing six games even though we only managed to win one game. However it must be taken into consideration that two of the games were against Italy (the former European Champions) and Portugal who went on to win the competition. The other three games that we lost, were twice against France and the other was against Germany. We were competitive in all three of these games and it was only down to the small details where we lost .

In the game against Germany we hit the bar and the post eight times, going on to lose the game 3 – 1. With France we lost twice giving them two very competitive games and in the quarters-final we were 1 – 0 up at half time and then 2 – 1 up in the second half before losing three goals in quick succession.

The Team:England Seniors Team 2016

  1. Eddy Revill (Grimsby)
  2. Alex Mount (Sanjoanense, Portugal)
  3. Will Smith (Middlesbrough)
  4. Nic Johnson (Grimsby)
  5. Charlie Greenwood (Grimsby)
  6. Alex Jones (Soham)
  7. Scott Neville (Soham)
  8. Owen Stewart (Middlesbrough)
  9. Brendan Barker (HBU) Vice-captain
  10. Tommy Allander (Soham)


  • Head Coach: Carlos Amaral
  • Manager: Joe Wheatley
  • Assistant Coach: Vitor Pereira
  • Physiotherapist: Pedro Lourenco
  • Statistician: Ricardo Lourenco

Results in Group stage:

England 1 – 8 Italy (Half-Time 0 – 3) Goal Scorer: Alex Mount

England 0 – 2 France (Half-Time 0 – 1)

England 1 – 3 Germany (Half-Time 1 – 2) Goal Scorer: Owen Stewart

Results in the Final stage:

Portugal 12 – 0 England(Half-Time 8 – 0)

Semi-Final (5th  / 8th Places)
England 2 – 0 France (Half-Time 1 – 0) Goal Scorer: Alex Mount (2)

Final Game 7th – 8th Places
England 6  – 1 Austria (Half-Time 2 – 0) Goal Scorers: Brendan Barker (4), Owen Stewart and Alex Mount

As a final note I would like to say that a lot of good comments came from the other Nations, European Committee members and Portuguese press about how much we improved in the last 4 years at Senior level.