2017 u17’s: Italy v England Match Report

2017 u17  European Championships

Italy 5 – 1 England
(Half Time 2 – 1)

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These were the first words from the Italian coach to myself after our game, which means a very good performance. This for us is a very big compliment which was repeated by other teams and the press who stated that this was the best game of the competition so far.

Learning from the first game against Spain we amended our tactics. During our pre-game tactical meeting I explained that our defence needed to be more compact, which meant the players needed to be closer together. This would mean that the space between our players would be smaller, enabling both second and third tackles.

Cole scores against Italy from the penalty spot
Cole scores against Italy from the penalty spot

During the first half the team followed the instructions to the letter regarding the defensive system and how to attack, which meant that at half-time we were still in the game at 2-1 down.

The attitude of the team throughout the game was very good. The first half was a good example as we had a number of counter attacks and good ball possession in attack which made us feel slightly aggrieved that we were on the wrong end of the scoreline.

In the second half of the game we showed the same attitude and less tiredness when compared to our first game against Spain. The difference again was competitiveness as we were playing one of the top three teams in the competition. However, we still created good clear scoring opportunities more than in the first half, which clearly showed a good team discipline in our tactics.

As a reference for the game Italy had 64 attacks and England 48 which demonstrates what a great game we had and the improvement in our roller hockey.STATS Italy-England

Goal Scorer:
Cole O’Donovan

Our player Tom Mills commented:

“ I thought it was a great game by us when you realise we were playing one of the top teams in the competition

Our player Josh Andrews commented:

“ I think we had a decent performance. The team played really well together learning from the previous game”

Today we play Germany who have played 2 matches with 1 win & 1 loss so far