2019 Summer Camp 1

2nd to 5th August 2019

A total of 63 players, of which 13 were goalkeepers, between the ages of 6 and 14 years old
attended this camp.

I was pleased to see the enthusiasm of the kids and the progress made during
the 4 days of this camp.

Summer Camp 1 Group Photo

The camp was split into Four Groups:

  • Group 1 worked mainly on Basic Skating
  • Group 2 worked on Basic Skating and learn how to play the game.
  • Group 3 (Girls) & Group 4 (Boys) worked on Set Up moves and focused on tactical side of the game.

I am very pleased with the hard work put by all the players which makes our work a
lot easier and productive.

Thanks to the all the parents for their support.

Thanks to the Helpers off the rink:

  • Michaela Parfitt (Camp Coordinator),
  • Lisa Allander, Lucy Rawlinson & Hayley Hall for their great job ensuring the players behaviour off the rink  was under control and their great assistance to the coaches.

Thanks to the Junior Coaches

  • Bernardo Pereira (Sanjoanense, Portugal)
  • Guillem Torrents (Igualada, Spain)
  • Oriol Torrents (Igualada, Spain)
  • Nil Folguera (Caldes, Spain)
  • Zak Osborne (Peterborough)

For their contribution in assisting the Coaches

Thanks to all the coaches that assisted me at this camp

  • Vitor Pereira (Portugal)
  • Marta Vieira (Portugal)
  • Jose Caldas (Portugal)
  • Ricardo Caldas (Portugal)
  • Dan Messenger (Spen Valley)
  • Joe Wheatley
  • Josh Taylor (Kings Lynn)
  • Luis Gomes (ECU)

for their great job contributing once more to progress on the right direction our Development Plan.

The Daily Plans for the camp can be seen here: