2019 u17’s: England v Andorra Match Report

England 6 – 1 Andorra
(Half Time 3 – 0)

England had a good performance overall with good consistency in both defence and attack.

Andorra found it very hard to break through our defence, especially in the first half.

England had control of the game with good ball possession whilst creating lots of goal opportunities.

In the second half, I asked the players to continue controlling the game as we were 3 – 0 up and we had another game to play that evening.

In doing this, the team continued to defend well and when attacking we tried to move the ball around in a carousel movement allowing us to slow down the speed of the game which in turn meant we could conserve our energy for the next game.

Thanks again to the supporters whose passion helped motivate the players.

Goal Scorers:

  • Mark Dickin (2)
  • Joe Chipperfield
  • Joseph Hawes
  • Josh Owen
  • Spencer Berry