2019 u17’s: Italy v England Match Report

2019 u17’s European Championships

Italy 6 – 3 England
(Half Time 3 – 2)

A great change in the attitude of our players meant that there was a big improvement after the first game against Spain.

Italy are one of the favourites to win this competition and England played at the same level all way throughout this game.

In preparation for this game I spoke to the players in our tactical meeting , explaining how important it was to remain focused in defence and to retain ball possession.

Our defensive system was almost perfect with the players defending the goal with the both the stick and the body. They also helped each other, always being ready for the second tackle.

This performance in defence gave us a possibility of creating good counter attacks and good goal opportunities.

A couple of mistakes along with a couple of dubious refereeing decisions costs us four goals.

In attack the players followed their instructions to the letter. This was borne out by the stats at the end of the game, where England had more ball possession than Italy.

Although Italy were the favourites for this game, we played consistently enough in attack with the players moving off the ball very well to create pass lines. This enabled the team to retain the ball safely and enabling them to then attack the goal.

With nine minutes to go in the second half, the score stood at 3 – 3 and we missed a direct free hit.  This would have meant that Italy would have to then chase the game, something they have not had to do so far in this tournament.

For the press and a lot of people this was the best game of the tournament so far.

Now we need to ensure that the players will recover very well as we have two games today:

  • Andorra at 09:00 hours
  • Israel at 19:00 hours.

These two games are not important for points, because as from Thursday to Saturday we will play four games against France, Germany, Andorra and Israel to decide 5th to 9th places.

Goal Scorers:

  • Mark Dickin (2)
  • Harvey Dugdale