2019 u17’s: Spain v England Match Report

2019 u17  European Championships

Spain 14 – 1 England
(Half Time 4 – 0)

Playing the first game is never easy especially when your opponents are the European Champions.

As mentioned in the preparation report, England have a young squad with seven of the squad players being eligible for next year. It was maybe a factor in the match as the players started very nervously.

Spain pressured us full rink all game making it very difficult for the team to do our carousel.

In the first half, the players managed to keep their focus in defence which showed in the half-time score. Due to our good restricted defence we managed to create some good counter attack moves and a few goal opportunities.

The second half was very hard as Spain kept the full rink pressure on us for the full twenty minutes and our players began to show tiredness; it was obvious to see the difference in competitiveness.

Our objective for this competition is still intact, the game against Spain is now in the past and we have to focus on our next game, which will be against Italy on Tuesday. 

After the game and also later in the evening, I had a sit down with all the players to ensure we kept our motivation for the week ahead. After this chat I could feel that the players were still together as a team and are feeling positive for the rest of the competition.

We would like to say thanks and well done to our English supporters for making so much noise during the game and we want to see more during the week.

Goal Scorer:

  • Spencer Berry