Announcement Under 17 Reduced Squad 2018

First of all thanks for all the commitment shown on first phase of preparation for Project 2018.

I am very pleased in having over 25 players in continuing assessment on the National Training, with a large number of these players having also been assessed in December trip and/or Christmas Camp.

I would like all of you to be aware that as well as selecting players based on 6 main areas of the game below, I always look at the best combination to make a competitive England team:

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The players born in 2002 not selected for the “Reduced Squad” should carry on their training to either continue their development and/or be part of the preparation process for the Under 20 squad over the next 3 years, by attending Level 5 on Saturday session at National Training up to September, then moving to the Under 20 session on Sunday.

The players born in 2003 & 2004 not selected for the “Reduced Squad” must carry on attending National Training if they want to be considered for Project 2019.

All the players not selected for the “Reduced Squad” will become reserve players as long they carry on training. This is in case of injury, discipline issues, etc because a player (s) will be replaced.

Players selected in the “Reduced Squad” have to make all the training dates on the Preparation Plan up to the date I announce the Final Squad, and then the 10 players announced in the Final Squad will have to make every training activity, as shown in the attached Preparation Plan.

The reason I am saying this is that if a player cannot commit to the full Preparation Plan then I need to be aware now so that I can replace the player.

The players that are playing abroad will have to attend the Easter Trip and the 3 days preparation in May to be considered for Final Squad selection.

Please ensure you read the attached Preparation Plan carefully to ensure you are able to commit to this.

At National Training, the players born in 2002 will train on Sunday only. The younger ones will have to train both days Level 5 on Saturday and U17 training on Sunday.


  • Arran Hall (Soham)
  • Lucas Crow (Herne Bay)
  • Nick Wood (Middlesbrough)
Outfield Players:
  • Ben Oldroyd (Halifax)
  • Ethan Willett (Grimsby)
  • Harvey Dugdale (Kings Lynn)
  • Jack Shepperson (Soham)
  • Jake Goodchild (Cottenham)
  • Jake Reed (Peterborough)
  • Joseph Hawes (Kings Lynn)
  • Josh Barker (Soham)
  • Lewis Cakebread (Soham)
  • Lewis King (Maidstone)
  • Mark Dickin (Girones – Spain)
  • Nattie Hopper (Herne Bay)
  • Ollie Marshall (Letchworth)
  • Patrick Shaw (Arenys de Mount – Spain)