Announcement: 2017 Under 17’s Final Squad

Announcement: 2017 Under 17’s Final Squad

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your commitment and all the hard work that you have put in throughout the preparation period. I am very pleased with the last three days preparation, as the improvement shown by all the players in the areas we focused on, made the final selection a difficult decision.

The following players will be the England Under 17 Team to participate in the European Championships, Fanano, Italy so well done and congratulations to them.

Goalkeepers:CERH Logo

  • Arran Hall – Letchworth
  • Lucas Crow – Herne Bay

Outfield players:

  • Ben Oldroyd –Halifax
  • Cole O’Donovan – Grimsby
  • Ethan Willett – Grimsby
  • George Daly –HBU (Captain)
  • Jack Shepperson – Peterborough
  • Josh Andrews – ECU
  • Keiran Constable – Spen Valley (Vice-captain)
  • Tom Mills – Grimsby

All the remaining players from the “Reduced Squad” will be first reserves.

Should any of the selected players need to be replaced for whatever reason, the replacement will be selected based upon the balance that I need to maintain in the team.

I am sure that the players not selected are disappointed, but please remember that selection is based upon what I consider to be the best “TEAM” for the Championships.

Don’t let this disappointment affect your future in the sport.

Some of you will still be eligible for next year Under 17 and some of you are eligible for Under 20’s for the next three years.