Announcement: Ladies’s Final Squad – Roller Games 2017

Announcement Ladies Final Squad – Roller Games 2017

Please see below the Ladies players who have been selected to represent England in the Roller Games 2017:


World Roller Games 2017 Logo
World Roller Games 2017 Logo
  • Eilidh Clague (Kings Lynn)
  • Kasia Parfitt (Kings Lynn)

Outfield Players:

  • Alice Kneeshaw (Middlesbrough)
  • Bethan McCarthy (Peterborough
  • Caitlin Johns (Plymouth)
  • Harriet Finch (Sudbury)
  • Hattie Ford (ECU)
  • Heather Dunand (ECU)
  • Jordan Middleton (Middlesbrough)
  • Megan Todd (Middlesbrough)

As mentioned in previous emails sent by myself and our President, we need to wait until end of May for the competition to be confirmed.

Countries must confirm their participation by 15th May and then FIRS will confirm if there are countries enough to organize the competition.
So, we can’t do anything regarding bookings of flights and accommodation until then.

As soon as the competition has been confirmed I will issue the “Final Preparation Plan“.

However, to ensure that the players/parents if selected or not can organise their life, Keith Allen and I agreed that I should announce the team.