Christmas Camp 2014 Report

Christmas Camp 2014 Report:

2014 Xmas Logo27th – 30th December 2014

I was very pleased with the success of this year’s Christmas Camp regarding the numbers (56 players) and quality of training, as well as the commitment the players during the four days.

The camp was split into two groups:

  • Group 1: Were focused on Basic Skating, ball control and teaching how to play the game
  • Group 2: Were focused on reaction capacity, set up moves and tactics.

The objective of the camp was achieved with all players improving day by day, which was obvious after the second day when watching the games, especially with the younger players (Group 1) having good team play.

The players in Group 2, most of them part of Project 2015, showed that we are improving our roller hockey and making it more competitive.

Darcy – Player of the Camp
Darcy – Player of the Camp

Awards of the Camp:

  • Player of the Camp: Darcy Quinn-Sekyi
  • Goalkeeper of the Camp: Dan Game
  • Most Improved Camp to Camp: Jensen Richards

Player of Group 1: Ellis Braybrook

Player of Group 2: Alec Shaw

Players of the Day:

  • Maddie Key
  • Leoni Robson
  • Sash Aitken
  • Amelia Thomas
  • Tom Friend
  • Harry Pugh
  • Murray Braybrook
  • Josh Owen
  • Ryan Norton
  • Will Cousins
  • Lewis Cakebread
  • Marco Giancola

I would like to thank the coaches Arthur Corr, Belinda Mason, Carlos Cardoso, Joe Wheatley and John Fotiou and the assistant coaches Alex Mount, Carl Owen, Ed Mount, Scott Neville and Will Rawlinson for their great assistance with coaching over the four days.

Finally I would like to thank Michaela Parfitt for co-ordinating the camp and the helpers that assisted her, Lucy Rawlinson, Hayley Hall, Harry Parfitt, Kasia Parfitt and Rees Parfitt for the great job done off the rink.