Christmas Camp 2015 Report

This year we had a record of attendance (60 players) which reflects the continual success of the camps and which Xmas 2015 logoalso included players from abroad – one from Spain and two players from Austria.

I am pleased with the number of players attending, especially when we are in a festive season and these families show a lot of support to their kids.

The objective of the camp was achieved as the players enjoyed and progressed well during the four days.

The players were split in three groups to ensure we could get the best of them.

The success of this camp was also due to the excellent work done by the coaches.

Finally a big thanks to the camp co-ordinator Michaela Parfitt as well as Lucy Rawlinson and Penny Williams for the excellent job done off the rink.

Camp Award Winners

Players of the Day

Group 1:
  • Ben Coles
  • Ellie Lennon
  • Leoni Robson
  • Rachel Barton
Group 2:
  • Amelia Courtenay-Barrow
  • Connor Adams
  • Josh Futter
  • Reece Bayliss
Group 3:
  • Ben Davis
  • Jamie Tritton
  • Josh Andrews
  • Lewis Cakebread
Christmas Camp 2015
Christmas Camp 2015

Other Camp Awards

Players of the Group

  • Group 1: Skye Newton
  • Group 2: Luca Oakley
  • Group 3: Mark Read

Most Improved Camp to Camp

  • Maddie Key

Goalkeeper of the Camp

  • Kevin Lampert (Austria)

Player of the Camp

  • Ed Rawlinson


Off Rink Helpers

  • Carlos Amaral(Head Coach)
  • Arthur Corr
  • Carlos Cardoso (Caca)
  • Karl Owen
  • Luis Gomes (Gulpilhares Youth Coach)
  • Rees Parfitt
  • Ricardo Lourenco (Carvalhos Player)
  • Charlie Oaks (Goalkeeper Trainer)
  • Alex Mount
  • Michaela Parfitt (Camp Co-ordinator)
  • Lucy Rawlinson
  • Penny Williams