Feira Development Trip: Nov – Dec 2017

This trip was part of preparation for Under 17 European Championships for 2018 and 2019.

This trip was especially important for players born in 2002 and 2003

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because it was the right time for me to assess players ready for the announcement of the “Reduced Squad” in January, as well as giving me an understanding of where we are and the preparation plan needed in the run up to the competition in 2018.

In total we had 27 players born between 2002 – 2005 attending this trip, which involved eight training session along with five matches. I split the players into three teams to play every day against Portuguese teams.

The preparation went well and this was highlighted with the individual and tactical progress achieved every day.

Paulo Almeida (International Referee) refereed the games on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and he made the following comments on Thursday:

“I  am impressed how much the players improved from first games on Monday on individual and tactical areas of the game. The teams are a lot more competitive. Well done”

I was assisted by Joe Wheatley and Karl Owen and the trip coordinator was Lucy Rawlinson.

Jason Oldroyd is the Under 17 Manager for next year’s competition and he travelled with us. His main job was to supervise the players born in 2002 / 2003 and to assess the players off the rink, as it is very important for the players to understand that the selection of a team combines both off and on the rink performance.

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