Final Squad Announcement: Senior Men

The following players will be the England Senior Team to participate in the European Championships which will take place in La Roche sur Yon, France from 17th to 24th July 2020.


England Rink Hockey Logo
  • Ed Mount (ROC Vaulx en Velin, France)
  • William Martin (Kings Lynn)

Outfield Players

  • Alex Mount (Sanjoanense, Portugal)
  • Ben Oldroyd (Mealhada, Portugal)
  • Cole O’Donovan (Mealhada, Portugal)
  • Jack Tucker (Kings Lynn)
  • Josh Taylor (Kings Lynn)
  • Matthew Baker (Kings Lynn)
  • Ryan Barnes (Kings Lynn)
  • William Smith (Middlesbrough)

Should any of the selected players need to be replaced for whatever reason, the replacement will be selected based upon the balance that I need to maintain in the team.