Ladies: Sunday National Training Sessions

LADIES – Important changes to Sunday National Training Sessions

I am making some necessary changes regarding the Ladies Sunday National Training Sessions.

Originally the National Training weekends were created to assist in the development of players of all ages and abilities on Saturdays, with Sunday preserved for the preparation of National Teams. These weekends have and still remain a great success and have contributed to a measurable improvement in player ability. Over the years the Sunday sessions have been adapted to not only accommodate the preparation of our National Teams but to launch projects such as Vision 2020 and the Youth Ladies.

With specific regard to the Youth Ladies, the players support since its launch has been fantastic, but the time has come to assess the effectiveness of the groups and sessions.

It is apparent that there is a wide range of ability within the Ladies sessions which is making it harder to ensure we maintain the required level of intensity in each group.

I have therefore decided to make the following changes;

The Sunday Ladies session will be limited to:

o   Senior Ladies Squad (currently preparing for the World Roller Games in Spain in July)

o   U17 Reduced Squad (preparing for the European Cup in Italy in December)

o   Those in National Training Levels 4 and 5

o   Those in National Training Level 3 only by invitation

All those players who will now not qualify for the Sunday session have the opportunity to work towards the required standard within their Saturday National Training Levels. This will increase the competitiveness across all the ability ranges and ultimately our National Teams.

I intend to implement these changes with immediate effect and I therefore advise you to check the
the revised lists for National Training from April.

I trust you are all able to support the changes and I look forward to the continued success of the Youth Ladies Project.