Ladies World Championships 2014: Final Report

Logo for the Ladies 2014 World Championships this yearLadies Final Report

World Championships 2014 – Tourcoing, France

After a very disappointing 2012 World Championships in Brazil, I have decided to re-build a new team to participate in this year’s competition.

As a result we didn’t participate in the European Championships last year, to give the players more time to develop to a level that they could be competitive enough.

The team was built & developed around young players with the majority being under 20’s. The average age of our team was 18 years old, with only two of the players over 18 years of age.

The main objective was to have a team with the right attitude off the rink which helped to perform on the rink.

Final Placings:

  1. Argentina FlagArgentina
  2. French FlagFrance
  3. Chile FlagChile
  4. German FlagGermany
  5. Portugal FlagPortugal
  6. Italian FlagItaly
  7. Switzerland FlagSwitzerland
  8. Colombia FlagColombia
  9. Spanish FlagSpain
  10. England FlagEngland
  11. India-FlagIndia
  12. USA FlagUSA
  13. South African FlagSouth Africa
  14. Japan FlagJapan

Most of the team preparation was at National Training Weekends and by competing in National Division 1. We then had three days preparation before departing to France. This was mainly because of work and school commitments of the players. I have to say that the preparation was not adequate with regards to competitiveness and fitness levels, however the great team spirit of the team compensated the lack of preparation such as a trip abroad.I honestly believe that with just a little more preparation, we could have easily achieved a final position in the top eight places. During the competition, the team was getting better; in other words we used the first days of the competition to improve our competitiveness and confidence. This was so obvious as the team, instead becoming tired during the week, was actually getting better with good ball possession and great counter attacks creating good goal opportunities. The increased competitiveness and confidence of the players compensated for any tiredness being felt.

We played six games and won two of them, however, of  the other four that we lost, we could have won two of these  – Colombia (0 – 1) and Switzerland (0 – 4) both of which finished in the top eight.

In two years time in the Ladies World  Championships, our realistic objective is to definitely finish in the top eight and part of the preparation for this competition will be the Ladies Seniors European Championship next year. I am very pleased to say that by end of the week, all the players told me that they are very committed for the next two years preparation.

Match Reports:

1.England v South Africa

2. England v Chile

3. England v Colombia

4. England v Switzerland

5. England v USA

6. England v Spain