Ladies World Championships England v Chile Report

England 0 – 12 Chile
(Half Time 0 – 8)

Logo for the Ladies 2014 World Championships this yearEngland played against one of the strongest teams in the competition.

We knew that the average age of our team (18 years old) along with the lack of competitiveness would be  a problem when playing teams at this level.

The first half was very difficult for us, trying to stop the movement of the Chilean players, as they had very fast reactions and used a lot of screens and turns. This caused problems to our individual defence pressuring the player with the ball.

I was very pleased to see that the players took on board every single word that I said to them at half time. I showed them what to do to stop the goals being scored at the far post, as we conceded five in the first half as well as modifying our defence when marking the players with the ball behind our goal.

England v Chile 27th October 2014
England v Chile 27th October 2014

Also, I asked the players to move off the ball more and faster to ensure the player with the ball would have options for pass lines or for shots on goal.

The second half was much better and was evident with only four goals conceded, three of these were long shots with the attacking player deflecting the ball in front of the goal. We also created good counter attack moves giving us quite a few goal opportunities.

These games are good to improve our confidence and competitiveness for the rest of the week.

Today we play Colombia and depending on the result we can finish 2nd or 3rd in the group.