Ladies World Championships England v South Africa Report

England 5 – 1 South Africa
(Half Time 3 – 0)

Logo for the Ladies 2014 World Championships this yearA good start of the competition with a deserved win.

After watching South Africa adapting to the rink, I decided that we would pressure them to the half way line to ensure that they couldn’t organize their attacking moves and allowing us control of the game.

This worked very well in the first half as we created a lot of goal scoring opportunities and scored three goals. Only in the last five minutes of the half, did the team show tiredness and the South Africans then had a few shots on target.

In the second half we carried on playing the same way even with our players showing tiredness This again worked well testing our fitness levels. We kept rotating the players to ensure that we still had control of the game.

England v South Africa 26th October 2014
England v South Africa
26th October 2014

Our first objective has been achieved as this win has guaranteed England at least 3rd place in the group and an easier game for 1/8 finals on Wednesday.

Just as a note, this game was the first of the competition and Vicky Moffat scored the first goal of this Ladies World Championship 2014.

Goal Scorers:

  • Vicky Moffat
  • Hattie Ford
  • Toni Jones

Today at 18:00 hours (local time) we play Chile, a former World Champion and probably the strongest team of our group.

Players Comments

Kirsty Ingham made the following comments:

It was important for us to make a positive start to the week and I was pleased with the result against South Africa. We had a number of positives from the game, along with some things to work on for the following games. All in all, a great start to the Championship.

Vicky Moffat made the following comments:

I’m very excited to be part of this team and especially as this is my first competition. I was pleased to score a goal, and especially as it was the first of the competition.