Ladies World Championships England v Switzerland Report

England 0 – 4 Switzerland
Logo for the Ladies 2014 World Championships this year(Half Time 0 – 1)

More of the same for the team as this game was very similar to the game against Colombia.

England v Switzerland
England v Switzerland 29th October 2014

The team is becoming more and more competitive every day and the level of competitiveness of our players is helping to improve our confidence as well as fitness.

The difference in this game was the fact that we created a lot more attacks. In the second half we tried to push the Swiss to the half way line to equalise and we were caught in a counter attack to go 2 – 0 down then a penalty.

This game and Colombia’s game were two great matches with this England team in a position to win, which in the last World Championships, wouldn’t have happened.

Considering that Colombia lost 3 – 1 to Chile and Switzerland 3 – 0 with France, both teams playing in today’s semi-finals, shows the level of these teams.

Today we play USA and a win will put us into a position to play tomorrow for 9th / 10th places probably against Spain.