Ladies World Championships England v USA Report

England 9 – 1 USA
Logo for the Ladies 2014 World Championships this year(Half Time 2 – 0)

We approached this game with two different tactics, which the girls understood and were carried out well to my instructions.

England v USA 31st October 2014
England v USA 31st October 2014

In the first half we played restricted defence, having one player pressuring the player with the ball. The objective was to control the game giving more initiative to the USA team, as I believed that we could take advantage of their tiredness in the second half.

This tactic allowed us to control the game and gave us the opportunity to evaluated the opposition. By the end of the first half we were 2 – 0 up and had achieved our objectives.

At half time I changed the system asking the team to pressure the player with the ball and close the pass lines, so we were pushing up to the half way line, making it difficult for USA to have ball possession.

Our team had a great second half with a lot of ball possession and great counter attacks culminating in seven goals, of which the last three were scored from great attacking moves involving three or four passes before we scored.

It was a well deserved win which put us into position to play for 9th & 10th place against Spain, that at the beginning would have been one of the potential candidates to win this competition.

Goal Scorers:

  • Emily Barrow (2)
  • Hattie Ford (2)
  • Vicky Moffat (2)
  • Kirsty Ingham
  • Jocie Greenwood
England & USA Teams 2014 World Championships
England & USA Teams at the 2014 World Championships