Professor Jose Nabuco

As you are all aware, I am organising a fitness training programme for all of squads with a view to ensure that we perform to the best of our ability at the forthcoming European Championships and World Roller Games.

This is going to start at this month’s National Training and I am bringing over, from Portugal, Professor Jose Nabuco.

Professor Jose Nabuco is not only a qualified Fitness Coach for Rink Hockey, he also teaches fitness at a University.

When you speak with him, it is appropriate to call him Prof, as opposed to Jose.

Each of you will be assessed by the Prof and the results will be kept in his and my database for updating as you work through the programme.

The areas that you will be assessed in are as follows :

  • Aerobic capacity
  • Body Strength
  • Reaction Capacity

Due to professional commitments, Professor Jose Nabuco will be flying in on Sunday Morning, instead of Saturday and will return to Portugal on Monday.

Time Table

Sunday 17th February

  • 12:00 HOURS – Seniors Women
  • 12:00 HOURS – Under 19’s
  • 12:45 HOURS – Seniors Men
  • 13:30 HOURS – Under 15’s (Reduced Squad)
  • 13:30 HOURS – Under 17’s (Reduced Squad)

I believe that this is a very important development opportunity for all of you but there will be a cost to cover his flights and accommodation.

There will be an additional charge of £6.00 to the NTW fees.

Please ensure that you bring adequate running shoes