Senior B World Championships: England v Egypt

England 8 – 1 Egypt
(Half Time 4 – 1)


Although Egypt finished fourth in their group, England still approached this game with the same attitude as they had in their previous games.

By pressuring the Egyptians higher up the rink it provided us with two advantages:

  1. The Egyptians could not get through our defence
  2. We were able to steal the ball and create good counter attacks

By half time we had a comfortable lead and were in control of the game. This enabled me to rotate the players and rest others because we have got two hard games coming up in the next two days. The first of these will be against Holland, who beat Uruguay 2 – 0 in a penalty shootout after the full time score was 2 – 2.

Goal Scorers:

  • Josh Taylor (6)
  • Owen Stewart
  • Tom Wallis
Pre semi final team photo and warm up / stretching session by the sea front in Montevideo (Photo: Peter Lonsdale)

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