Summer Camp 1: Final Details

Summer Camp 2015 LogoSummer Camp 1: Final Details

Please can you take the time to read and understand the detailed rules for the 2015 Summer Camp

A few of the important points are as follows:

  • Please bring a named water bottle that we can refill during the day for the players and a separate drinks for lunch and breaks that they can keep in their bags
  • T Shirts will be provided to wear during the camp but all players are asked to wear white socks and navy shorts
  • Packed lunches and snacks must be provided as no food can be prepared in the sports centre kitchen
  • As we have so many players we must ask that parents watch from the balcony and refrain from coming down to the main areas while the children are off rink, unless requested by either the coaches or off rink helpers .
  • While watching the camp from the balcony we ask that people do not shout instructions down to the players during the training sessions
  • Only players are allowed in the café area and corridors to minimise crowding. This is not the case at the start and end of the camp where we encourage parents to help their players take the kit up and down the stairs.
  • Timetables for each day will be posted on the wall every morning
  • Please do not arrive before 8.30am on day 1 as we have a lot to prepare
  • The day will run from 9am till 6pm but please check your end times as they can differ for some groups. Please be ready to start the day at 9am so allow time for your player to change

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michaela Parfitt the Camp Co ordinator, using the form below

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