U17’s Preparation in Feira Completed

This Sunday will see the start of the 38th Male Under 17 European Championships

We finished our preparation week in Feira on Friday 30th August and now the team will be travelling to Torres Vedras on Saturday 31st August.

There are nine teams participating in this year’s competition and for the last few years the top four teams were Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

At this level it is always very difficult to predict results or positions as every year the teams are different.

We are one of the youngest teams in the competition again this year but I am confident that we have the potential to achieve a higher position than in the previous three years.

This year I have decided to select three goalkeepers and eight outfield players, seven of whom will be eligible for next year’s competition. The reason behind taking the three goalkeepers was based on the fact that they were all very close in standard but offer us three very different styles.  

For this competition the teams entered have been split in two groups selected by the final position they attained in the last Championships:

Group A – Spain, Italy, Andorra, England and Israel

Group B – Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland

The competition consists of two stages and according to the final position of the teams in each Group on Phase 1, the teams will be then divided in two alternate groups for Phase 2:

Group C – The first two classified in Group A and B after completion of Phase 1 will play a round robin to determine 1st to 4th places.

Group D – Will compose of the remaining teams (three from Group A and two from Group B) who will also play in a round robin to define 5th to 9th Places.

Our Games in Phase 1:

  • England v Spain on Sunday, 1st September at 18:00 hours
  • England v Italy on Tuesday, 3rd September at 19:00 hours
  • England v Andorra on Wednesday, 4th September at 09:00 hours
  • England v Israel on Wednesday, 4th September at 19:00 hours

Phase 2 will start on Thursday, 5th September.

England Team:

  1. Robert Simpson (Goalkeeper – CCRHC)
  2. Spencer Berry (Peterborough)
  3. Ehab Nasir (ECU)
  4. Josh Owen (Peterborough)
  5. Pau Dickin (GEIEG, Spain)
  6. Joe Chipperfield (Herne Bay)
  7. Joseph Hawes (King’s Lynn)
  8. Harvey Dugdale (King’s Lynn) – Vice Captain
  9. Mark Dickin (GEIEG, Spain) – Captain
  10. Edan Emery-Webber (Goalkeeper – ECU)
  11. Haydn Willett (Goalkeeper – Grimsby)
U17 August 2019 Last night in Feira


  • Head Coach – Carlos Amaral
  • Manager – Jason Oldroyd
  • Assistant Manager – Karl Owen
  • Assistant Coach – Joe Wheatley
  • Physiotherapist – Pedro Lourenco

All games of the competition will be streamed live by CERH TV on WS Europe Website.