U20’s England v France Report

2014-Valongo-logou20’s European Championships

England 2 – 5 France
(Half Time 2 – 3)

England started with a very solid defence which helped us create some good counter attacks and deservedly took the lead. We were 1 – 0 up and then 2 – 1 up, holding the French at bay, until well into the first half.

For the whole of the first half we continued with our good defence and good ball circulation. Unfortunately a couple of defensive errors cost us two goals at the far post, which meant that at half time we were 3 – 2 down. This was not a true reflection of the way the team played.

In the second half we started well again, however we had a period of 10 minutes where we totally lost our shape and tactical discipline and the French team took advantage of this and took control of the game by scoring two more goals.

We managed to come back into the game after a time out and regained our first half form, but unfortunately during the last 7 minutes of the game, we were unable to score despite creating many opportunities.

I am pleased with this performance against one of the favourites to go through to the semi-finals.

2014 u20 England v France
2014 u20 England v France

Goal Scorers:

  • Alex Mount
  • Alex Jones

Players Comments

Ed Mount made the following comments:

I enjoyed the game, I thought we played well and deserved a closer score.

It is nice play the European with my brother in a such good team both on and off the rink.

Alex Mount made the following comments:

I think that it was a good game and we played well. We just punished for a few mistakes.

I really enjoyed the game.