Under 17’s Preparation in Feira

England u17's Team August 2019

After the final three days of preparation in Soham last week, the team then travelled to Feira, Portugal for our final week of preparation.

The objective for the players this week is to transfer the dynamic of our tactics to the dimensions of the rink. This is because the team have been training on a rink which is smaller than the official dimensions, as well as having no barriers.

During the training sessions we worked on tactics to ensure we adjust our defence and attack systems to the size of the rink.

In defence the player’s positioning needs to be adjusted so that they understand the distance between them is different in a bigger rink.

In attack, we worked on both our counter attack and on our carousel, so the player’s are familiar with our set up moves and their variations.

During the warm up games we attempted to consolidate our systems (defence and attack) to ensure that we become more competitive.

Considering that our team has seven players who will still be eligible for next year’s championships, we had some good games so far:

  • England 16 – 0 Feira Senior Ladies
  • England 4 – 3 FC Porto
  • England 1 – 9 Portugal

Portugal are one of the potential teams who could win the U17 Championships. We were losing 8 – 1 at half time and so this shows that the team learnt from their mistakes during the game and greatly improved in the second half.

We now have Thursday & Friday preparation days with one game and three training sessions.

Finally, on Saturday morning we will travel by bus to Torres Vedras.

The preparation plan can be viewed here