Updated U20 Team Selection: 2nd November 2013

U20 Team to play Bury on Saturday 2nd November 2013

The venue for this game will be:
Ross Peers Sports Centre, College Close, Soham, Ely CB7 5HP

01353 722662

All players must arrive at the sports centre by 18:15 hours

This game will take place at:
19:00 hours

The TeamEngland Roller Hockey Logo

  • Tommy Allander (GK)
  • Ed Mount (GK)
  • Alex Mount
  • Harry Parfitt
  • Jordan Chambers
  • Josh Gay
  • Josh Webb
  • Michael King
  • Nicolas Pembrey
  • Sam Lightfoot

As I am due to due to run a Coaching Course Level 1 and Regional Training in Soham,
Joe Wheatley will be the coach on the day.